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Thought I just wanted to share this with who ever follows my X-Games adventure. Im excited to go and I really need sponsors to step up and make me look good. I need new gear from top to toe, so if you know anyone that would like to be seen at the worlds biggest xtreme sports event, let me know. Im open to any suggestions 🙂


Hello Enduro X Athletes and Crew,

Just got back from another trip in Brazil and wanted to tell you how things are going.

The X games in FOZ de Iguazu are going to be real exciting. The local team is already hard at work preparing the pads were the Mega Ramp, FMX course and Enduro X track will be built. The Brazilian dirt is what dirt biker’s dream are made of (if it does not rain!) and all the materials have been located and chosen. The track will be faster than regular endurocross track, so leave your 2nd gear bikes at home.

Enduro X on Thursday night, April 18th, will be the opening event of X Games Global  and we should be all “stoked” and grateful for this opportunity.

Brazil is a very nice/safe country with friendly people that are really “pumped” about X Games. Beside of the language (Portuguese) issue, everything is pretty easy around here and should allow you to have great memories about this journey. Weather should be real nice,  like it is in Florida in late September.

I know well how frustrating it can be to obtain Visa, etc.,  and I wanted to thank all of you (and Miki for her help to you guys) for going through this difficult, yet indispensable, process. And don’t forget if all goes according to plan we will be back ( with same visa) in 2014 and 2015.

We are looking forward to have all of you in Brazil with us. Get ready, do not miss deadlines, and see you soon!

As they say in Brazil ” Mardita vida boa”……..Life is beautiful!

Eric Peronnard
Sport Organizer”

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