X-Games 2013 sponsorship

It appears that I got myself another Wild-Card for the X-Games Endurocross 2013. The first round is in Brazil (april 18.-21.), Spain (Maj 16.-19.), Germany (June 26.-30.) and USA (August 1.-4.). This is too amazing and I really hope I dont fuck it up with injuries again this year!!!




I will have to give in my US race bike in the beginning of March, then the organiser will transport it from venue to venue. There are a lot of expenses with doing these 4 races and any sponsorship of any kind are very welcome!!! Ill obviously be flying back and forth to the races, so there are some serious expenses in flights alone. Besides that, I need to look awesome at the race, so I need new gear. My bike can always use more love and make it better, so there could be some items there as well. Let alone all the hotels and things I cant think of right now.

Anyways – any contributions to getting the danish flag represented strong at the X-Games will be highly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚


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