The Icelandic Story

Apart from giving classes on Iceland, exploring it with my girlfriend and hopefully overall have a fantastic time, I want to seize the opportunity and do a little article about Hard Enduro on Iceland.

I heard the scene has grown a lot since my last visit in 2016, and while I already talked a little to my closest contacts about this project, I’d love to hear from some local riders. I’m looking at spending a couple of days filming (photo and video) the most epic ride spots (legal, off course) and do a couple of interviews with whoever stands out. It can be the the local protégé, the first Hard Enduro rider of Iceland, the most succesful or a family where they all ride.

Also I’m interested in photographing and talking to local farmers and the people who live where we enjoy our passion.

If you’re interested in helping out making this story a reality, please contact me below and we can coordinate accordingly.

This is Jon, the owner of JHM Sport. He supported me during my training schools in 2016 with a bike and is doing so again in 2019.
What a champ.

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Peter Weiss, the person behind the keyboard (and handlebar) is an enthusiastic off-road rider, coach and event organiser as well as an amateur wordsmith. Accompanying the words are generally his own photos.

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