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First week – first race

Windy roads all the way to the cabbin, where I am primarily staying.
Nearest city is called Placerville (old Hangtown), and its a 30 min drive on narrow, tight roads like this.
Team McPfluger is never short on toys! After I got the Gasser out, it took me some time to get it started. Had to push it up and down hills, try to jump-start it (the rekluse wasnt in), change sparkplug and drain carburetor. It turned out that it was the throttle cable that was a little stuck, so it flooded the carburetor.
Lunch at the cabbin. Great view and lots of wildlife. This morning I saw 4 deers.


All the gear that I was supposed to use for the X-Games is now finally being put to use. Feels great!!!


Some of the trails close down for the winter… I met some guys in the forest last week, and if it rains 1,5 inch or more, then the forest rangers close the trails. Welcome to Denmark my friends :-)


This is amazing. The tracks are mapped out so everyone can get around without being a GPS Expert. Trail 7.1 is one of my favourite climbs, you should try it…or die trying :-)
Amazing trails!


This is Devon, one of Douglas’ (my mechanic and friend) friends. We are setting up the bike for the Primetime Hare Scramble on October 14.


The easy way to fill engineoil :-) Douglas works at a bike shop, so he supplies the team with all we need.


The bike is ready for racing and we just arrived at the Primetime Harescramble in San Jose, 1 hour from the home in Oakland.


Michael McAnder, the team owner!


Getting the last things ready before the race. Mainly putting on new numbers!


Doug takes the bike through the tech inspection…


…while I go for a 15 min warm-up run.


Sweating in the sun before the race!


80 riders in 7 rows. Seems like I was the only one with lights? I was definitely the only GasGas.


Emily Pfluger, the niece of Heidi Pfluger, Michaels partner in crime :-)
Emily took all the photos – I just put a bit of retouch to them!


Got 3rd or 4th off the start but was soon buried in dust and crashed into a fence and was deadlast. Got up to the second last guy in the AA class and could see absolutely nothing. One time I stopped and thought I had to turn, but realized I was at the bottom of a hill climb.




Primetime track, very beautiful!


Cool clouds :-)


The pit-area.


Heidi Pfluger swong by and watched the race with Dungey the dog!


I think this was the guy who won. This is the endurocross section, and without doubt the best 30 seconds of the track. The rest was primarily motocross style track and a lot of tight trails.


Riders and dust everywhere :-)


I crashed twice on the slick surface on the first lap and was 39th. Worked my way back up to 17th and really enjoyed the last hour of the 2,5 hour race. So much fun once I got to know the track a little better and could actually see where I was going!


Back in Oakland, we had a VERY early 4 pm dinner and at 5 pm I went for a small nap… Ended up being a 12 hour nap! I guess the race and the jetlag finally got me :-)


Ashleys new dog fights Dungey! Very cute couple :-)


I went to an Endurocross track yesterday and practiced a lot. Hardest part is jumping logs and being as precise as required. I will show you a youtube-video soon with a perfect faceplant :-)

Next stop is the Enduroross 6th round in Everett, Washington. Its a 15 hour driver with the Toyhauler and almost 900 miles north – right up next to the Canadian border. Should be exciting and the organisers await a lot of mud, ruts and slippery logs. That could work to my favour, as Denmark is all about just that. I keep my fingers crossed and most of all… Stay out of trouble, crashes and injuries.


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