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Another 3 days at Cody’s

I was sitting at the cabin monday evening and texting with Cody, when I should come, where to ride and this and that… I ended up just leaving the cabin and make my way down to Santa Cruz. That way I was able to go riding with Justin Sode and Cody on Tuesday at Hollister. Cody was on his new Beta 300 2 stroke and seemed to enjoy it alot. He, as always, did some pretty insane riding on it.

This picture is of Boozer, Cody’s dog, who kept following me today, when I redid the take off and landing of a tractor tire jump at Cody’s Endurocross track.
This jump threw me over the handlebars yesterday and I took a pretty good hit in my crutch with the handlebars. That was the end of my riding that day, and I went with Cody to FOX Suspension and got his shock serviced. Very cool and big company! Went from there to see a physical therapist. Cody’s knee has been bugging him but according to the trainer, its Cody’s posture, ribcage, upper body etc etc thats wrong. Seems like he wants Cody to change a ton of things. A little weird and we made a lot of fun about the whole arch-your-back-constantly-even-on-the-bike-thing.
Today we both got back to Cody’s backyard and I had to get back to the Tractor Tire jump that I crashed on. So I shovelled a better ramp and landing and hit it easily and perfect. As the rut got worse and the landing degenerated, I still knew what to do to make it over, so it was a great confidence booster.
I continued my training on the Endurocross track but was soon on my ass again in the fire-wood pit and bent my pipe and thumb. Took me a while to straighten the pipe, and it wasn’t 100 %, but it worked. Cody ripped around his sandy turn tracks and as I wanted to join him, my bike started sounding a little too funny, so that was the end of that day.
Right now, the bike is loaded on the truck and I’m waiting for my south african friend Grant Wheeler, who lives and works in L.A. for Throttle Entertainment – Extreme Enduro Video Company. We will spend the next week together, so I guess we’ll be celebrating X-Mas together :)
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