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November 2019

Patrick and Yessy live in a city called Cali and no, it’s not an abbreviation of California. Cali is the salsa capital of the world and it surely also is one of the plastic-surgery capitals of the world. For those two reasons, I love Cali! JK, I’m not a big fan of neither.

I probably would never have gotten to Cali had it not been for Patrick, but I’m glad I have and I have some great memories from this vibrant, colourful, dangerous, sexy and sporty city surrounded by mountains, bandidos and empanadas. There’s everything around here and sometimes I bring my camera and end up taking photos of what interests me. I tried to take some photos of my casual walks around town, visiting friends, attending the wedding and giving enduro classes. I’ll share the photos in links below and let them speak their own language.

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