Collaboration, sponsorship or hire me for a specific job?
I’ve been in the offroad industry since 2010 and I’m no longer a stranger. I’ve worked on some of the biggest events in the world, coached over 1000 people and raced some of the most evil races there is.

If you, like me, enjoy creating results, memories and experiences, then we could be a good match: Here’s the recent companies I’ve partnered with:

ICON Motosport

Hired to scout the perfect location for a catalog shoot and promotional video. This trip led me to Iceland and we worked with the Icelandic KTM importer and the outcome was phenomenal. This is the main video and I’m riding the bike:

Beta Mexico

I recently spend 6 months giving enduro classes in Mexico and with me I had the support from the national Beta Importer. Due to the Corona situation, things got very complicated for us, but still managed to coach roughly 150 people in 10 different cities and show the brand to people who’d never seen and even less tried it before.  Here’s one of the videos from the trip in Mexico:

Wanna talk? Shoot me an email on and I can’t wait to see what we can do together!