Dakar Project 2021: Rally Race Rookie

A dream project in the making and I’m working full throttle on putting the right people together for this super interesting project. I’ve never raced Rally before but I believe I have what it takes to make a strong debut performance and I can’t wait to be in Africa!

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WESS ’21

Among the many interesting races in Scandinavia, my ambition for 2021 is to line up for all the WESS races and finish Top-15. I believe it’s an achievable goal and with a little luck, maybe I could enter Top-10.

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After having spent so many years travelling and not being focused on racing myself, I’ve recently begun all over and my racing plans for the future are very interesting.

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I’ve been coaching around the world since 2010 and I recently finished a 6 month trip in Mexico. Corona made it hard to move freely and have people sign up, but I managed to coach roughly 150 riders in 12 different cities.

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