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Making of an EnduroCross Track in Mexico

Recently, I had the privilege of designing and building a brand new EnduroCross track in the Mexican city called Ciudad del Carmen. The opportunity came after having given classes in Cancun and one of my riders (a good friend of mine from previous events) recommended me to this guy who wanted the track done… So after some conversations, he decided to hire me for the job!

EnduroCross is a fantastic way to build skills for Hard and Extreme enduro races as all you practically do on an Endurocross track is try to be smooth and precise. Furthermore, Endurocross is incredibly physical and most people are completely toast after 5 minutes. I know from myself that it can be very hard to relax while riding and all that tension builds up and soon you’ll have just as much armpump as you’ll have little breath!

We ended up spending 5 days designing, planning and building the entire track and I personally loved it. It’s fun, easy and breaks down with time to become gradually more and more difficult.

Here’s a video of a lap around the track and I hope to make it back there some day to spin some more laps!

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