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Pull over!

What a cliché to take a picture while being stopped for being a dumb-ass… but I couldnt help it! Its a memory :-)

Heidi lent me her BMW 650 saturday for me to drive it to the cabbin… Great bike that does 90-100 mph easily and apparently I took over an undercover-cop in my flow through the freeway traffic. Got pulled over and will probably get a letter soon!

But I made it to Swansboro and coincidentally stopped by Douglas’ house where the family was about to head for Sapiago Springs Resort and some motocross fun. I jumped the truck and hung out at the track, but primarily spent the time battling the puppy Dungey :-) Ended the day off with pizza at the cabbin, a beer in the jacuzzi and a crystal clear sky. Life sucks ;)

We talked about redecorating the garden (that allready has a small trail) and do an EX track, but ended up talking about “why not just buy a new cabbin with 1000 acres”? Its very hard not to be happy in their company :)

Douglas and Emily went riding today again, and I really wanted to come, but I think its for the better that I lay off a few more days. My lower back feels much better and I give it some electric-shock and ice treatment everyday, as well as some exercises.

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