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For years, I’ve enjoyed my work as a track scout in countries around the world. I love not knowing what’s around the corner and feeling like an explorer. This is the feeling and opportunity I want to extend to anyone who wants to come along, and the concept is going to be very simple:

  • The price for the Explorer Tour is US2.000$ pr. rider.
  • I (an internationally trusted Hard Enduro track manager) will be the “guide” and you and 1 more person can join. We will never be more than 3 riders as I believe in quality over quantity.
  • All levels are welcome, being an explorer is not exclusive to anyone.
  • The explore tours will look like this:
    • Day 1: Arrival
    • Day 2-3: Ride
    • Day 4: Relax
    • Day 5-6: Ride
    • Day 7: Departure
  • We will be riding current year bikes, fully equipped.
  • Hotel and breakfast included.
  • Broken parts and other meals and drinks are not included.

My vision is to connect the world of enduro exploring riders, and it’s happening over the course of 5 years, one country at a time. I’m photographing and making videos during each ride, hoping one day to publish a book about this journey, question is…. Do you want to be part of the book or read all about it? ;-)

Join me and help me write the first couple of chapters of the book by signing up for an Explorer Tour in one of the below-mentioned destinations:

Remember, there’s only 1 ride for 2 people per destination/chapter of the book, so if you want to ride with me in one of the destinations, don’t hesitate, contact me by email or whatsapp:

  • +4560146475
This is Brazil, a country I miss badly but was fortunate enough to connect with through my job as Track Director on RedBull Minas Riders in 2016 & 2017.
The Brazilian Enduro Scene is incredible and Brazil has the most amazing nature with more open trails and wild animals than you can imagine.
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