Having worked as a pro track manager in the highest level of Hard Enduro races for several years, I have been fortunate enough to gain all the necessary technics and understandings of what Hard Enduro riding requires. Hard Enduro is to me much more than a sport, which is probably why I enjoy more the freeriding part of it, than actually competing. I love the fact that with good technic, you are able to reach places in amazing mountains, that normally only animals and shepherds get to experience. Many mountains can be climbre by going on the easy roads, but why not take the direct line if you have the technic and energy? For me its an easy choice 🙂

Cusco, Peru, 2016.

My background is motocross but after 12 years doing just that I changed to Enduro and finally at the age 25 I started with Trials and spent probably more than 1000 hours riding my trials already. Trials training truly is the answer if you want to ride smoother and better on your Enduro bike, but since everybody can not afford having both bikes in the garage, I designed my riding schools training session with a Trials offset. Most of my riding schools last 2 days (saturday-sunday) and each day we practice 4-5 hours. I also do private classes (1-1), small groups for any kind of brands (as a non sponsored rider, I’m free to work with anyone) and Bootcamps which is one straight month of training (twice weekly). Everything is possible! Last but not least, as a true traveller, there is not reason for you to even try to come to me, because I’m usually gone fast again. The best solution is that I come to you, train you and your friends in your normal training area… Easy for you and nice for me, as I get to experience a new place 🙂

Sibiu, Romania, 2015.

What will you learn from training with me:

  • First of all the importance of balance.
  • Passing obstacles small, medium and big (depending on your current level)
  • How to corner correctly, especially standing up
  • How to accelerate just before a difficult obstacle or hillclimb
  • How to position yourself while turning on steep hills
  • How to ride safely down scary shit
  • How to push your limits every time you train and how to keep training intelligent

Ajusco, Mexico, 2016.

When I train you, you can expect the following:

  • A committed, dedicated and enthusiastic approach to training.
  • Fun, challenging and creative exercises, sections and games.
  • Lots of focus on core balance and always maintaining full control.
  • Groups usually between 7-12 riders, 4-5 hours of training daily or until you beg me to stop 🙂

Manizales, Colombia, 2016.


Quick background on me:

  • From Denmark but been travelling the world intensely for the last 10 years.
  • Born in 1985, started riding in 1994.
  • Motocross, Enduro and Trials experience.
  • Been coaching since 2010.
  • Speaks enough (body)languages to teach anywhere on Planet Earth 🙂
  • Raced and competed at highest level.
  • Works with Hard Enduro Event Organisations and a professional Hard Enduro Coach.

Sibiu, Romania, 2015.


Ajusco, Mexico City, 2016.

Cuenca, Ecuador, 2014.