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Weekend Course

This is the most common way of coaching. Groups of typically 10-20 riders get together and bring me in for a weekend of training. It’s obviously not as personal as a Private Class but the price also reflects it and the fun factor is always high and you can learn a lot from just watching a lot of other riders trial and error. The weekend course could just as well be a weekday course, but normally people ride on the weekends and work on weekdays. However, each day of training consist of roughly 4 – 6 hours including breaks. People can ride whatever bike they have but a friendly advice is to show up on something fairly fresh and well-functional. The better prepared you show up, the easier a time you’ll have learning and copying my techniques & exercises. 

These pictures are from a Dual Sport Weekend Course in Cali, Colombia – December 2019.

If you’re interested in a Weekend Course, then feel free to contact me below or through one of my social media channels. Also, there’s the option of going for a bigger commitment, which is the Bootcamp Training.

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