Enduro began for me when I was riding 85cc’s. I used to participate in the national races when the organisers allowed kids like me in but not till I was 22 did I really find interest for the sport and shortly after I was lining up at Erzberg in Austria. No trials experience, no idea how to cross obstacles that size and generally completely lost. Had an incredible time nonetheless and ever since that, I’ve been having fantastic experiences as a racer, coach and event organiser of hard enduro races.

2008, 23 years old and making my GasGas 250 sing, leaving the start area!

Back then, the first attempt of making a World Hard Enduro World Championship was already in the making, but the big organisers couldn’t come to terms, so it never materialised.

Fast forward 2020 and the first WESS (World Enduro Super Series) has been held and I’m up for the challenge in 2021.

WESS is a combination of traditional enduros with timecard, hare scrambles (like we do in Denmark) and extreme races like Lagares, Erzberg and Romaniacs.

I’m convinced that I, with the right preparation and support, can deliver a very good result at the WESS and I want to invite YOU to read more about my ambitions of the WESS 2021 right here.