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Happy New Year!

And just like that… The New Year is all ready kicked off. Im excited for whats to come in 2013!

In february 2011, I did my very first show and I edited a quick video, to show the world what I was doing :) It turned out like this…:

… and the soundtrack is by the Californian band Sublime. The song is called “Wrong Way”… like hanging upside down in the air. The Band was started in the late ’80s and earned world fame and fortune from their punk music. Unfortunately the vocalist died from a Heroine overdoses in the mid ’90s but guess what. Very close to the place I’ve been hiding for the last 3 months, the small village of Placerville (Old Hangtown) hosted this band New Years Eve. Even with the lack of the vocalist, the concert and atmosphere was still intense and intimate – as the concert was performed in a small bar. Needless to say, I was up front at that concert with my local friends and throw into this day one of the most beautiful rides I’ve had in Eldorado in these 3 months – and there you have my recipe for a somewhat PERFECT New Years Eve.

Grant and I went riding at Mammoth Bar OHV (Off Highway Vehicle – i think…) and tested out the new KTM 350 Factory… Pretty sick. Off course, the bucket only comes with the SixDays version. Love it :) Grant is one very aggressive rider and in his urge to protect every single line, rut, berm, piece of dirt on the race track, I lined him up on an outside line, only to shortly hereafter realise he changed line, and I ran into him pretty hot and  took him down. Too much fun, because nobody got hurt! We got it on the GoPro on his camera looking backwards, so its too much fun to watch. There will be a video soon!
The KTM 350 XCF-W (that would be the EXC-F in Europe) is a great bike. I tried it out recently and could easily ride that thing. Great power and suspension. Little difficult to turn on it, but coming from the GasGas, I am used to a very easily turning bike. But overall – Its really good!
The bike was friendly lent out to me by the KTM Nor-Cal owner Eric Ducray.
On New Years, Grant and I went to this amazing view point and by coincidence we found a small food-box with an ongoing letter. We made sure to leave a note :)
Lake Tahoe on the first day of the year. Want to snowboard there some day!!!



Here’s 3 videos I’ve recently put together.

Newest video – one day old. Decided to make a short video of the track at the McPfluger Teams backyard, and it ended up taking all day. Being a rider and cameraguy at one time is time-consuming :)


This is from the past weekends riding with Cody and Justin in Santa Cruz. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go this weekend as the truck was needed for moving Andrew into his new condo. But I’ll still get a chance to get down there and do some more fun riding with these guys before I head back home :)


This video is a few weeks old. For some reason, I couldn’t upload it to Youtube when I tried. But here it is. Just crusing around in Eldorado National Forest.

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