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Since I started travelling, coaching and spending a lot of time in Latin America, I realised that this continent truly is the most incredible place to ride Enduro. It was the experiences on 2 wheels that you couldn’t buy and I felt incredibly lucky to ride in the jungles of Brasil, the deserts of Peru and the highlands of Mexico. I told friends, family and fellow enduro riders about this place and I always wanted more people to experience it like I did. However, this isn’t so easy as I have a special ticket to these places due to the local interest in my riding schools and help on various hard enduro events. I know lots of people who’d love to ride Enduro bikes in Latin America, but the rental options are so far and few between, that it’s very possible that their dream will forever just remain a dream.

So I started thinking how to connect the world of Hard Enduro riders, bike owners, organisers etc. I was sooo deep into the design of an app but dropped it when I figured out the costs. What I did do though, was to start making more youtube videos about the stuff I did in Latin America and one guy always commented on my videos. This guy’s name was Andrew Boundy and at one point, we actually got in touch and started chatting. Turns out, Andrew is a brit living in Merida (Mexico) and after a lot of talks about bikes, videos and life, we decided to put together the platform called www.HardEnduroRaces.Com. 

The idea with the website is originally to offer a complete overview of all Hard Enduro races worldwide and this proved to be a quite difficult task. You’d be surprised (or not) by just exactly how hard is it to get in touch with people, let alone convince them to give you information about their event. It’s almost like people are suspicious of why we’re doing it instead of embracing free work and pr. 

So anyways, was launched early 2021 and hopefully over time, it’ll catch more interest and the functions of the site could increase. We don’t have investors or a budget to pay off influencers or expensive social media ad’s, so if it survives organically, we’d be happy. Last year more than 100,000 people visited the site, so we’re positive that it has it’s place in this world.


"Discover Your Next Hard Enduro Race"
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