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Just like with the motos, I got into taking pictures at a fairly young age. And similarly, I was never amazing at it. But I always enjoyed it and I’ve frankly done a proper bad job of sharing my passion for photography. 

Thanks to my moto-ticket around the world, I’ve often been in unique and exciting places. Places, worth photographing and sharing a word or two about. Having proper camera equipment is a big step and only one I took maybe 6-7 years ago when replaced my Canon EOS50D (bought in Hong Kong in 2008) with the smaller mirrorless Fuji X-T1 along with the 2.8f 16-55 glass. I fell for the unique retro look, the dynamic colours and the subtle feel and handle of the camera. It encouraged me to get out and photograph with more purpose and along the way, I got into retouching and photoshopping. Later, videography got into the picture – no pun intended – but I have somehow not really jumped out of the video-closet yet. I really want to try to do more video work though, especially since I’m such a lucky potato, getting to travel and see all these unique places my bike brings me.

So if there’s one thing that I hope 2022 will bring, it’s a lot of chances to share in stills and videos the places I get to travel to. Below are some of my previous outings with my Fuji.


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