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After 20 hours of travelling (train, plane, train) I made it back to my hometown of Vejle.

Good to be back and socialize with friends and family!

My old van is hiding underneath all the snow. Numberplates were taken off and remains off during my 3 week pit-stop in Denmark. Saves me a lot of insurance money. I got it fired up yesterday and took it for a quick spin. All good, except for a little mold :)
First thing thursday morning, was to visit my 85-year-old chiropractor. As always, he finds my problem and fixes it. Within 5 minutes he had “unlocked” my pelvis/L5 and L4/L5 and my lower back popped noticeably twice. Very nice :) A couple days after that, I started feeling alot better.
Esben, my danish friend who connected me to my US sponsors, is finishing up his Bachelor Degree in some health and nutrition education and asked me if I wanted to be his human experiment for 3 months. So I went to his place and went through some strength and endurance tests, and I will be reporting for 4 days what I eat and drink and at what time during the day I do it. Very thorough and interesting. I definitely don’t feel in the shape I was in last year at this time, but thats only due to my 3 monthts stay in the states, where my lower back prevented me from working out properly. What I do have is a lot of riding fitness and I hope that will carry my ass through the upcoming Extreme Enduro race on Sunday the 27. here in Denmark.
This is my new diet :)
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