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Tourist in Vegas

When I can’t ride, I might as well enjoy this vibrant place on earth!

Back in Vegas enjoying the crazy vibe on The Strip!


Some may have heard of this bald guy… he is apparently very good with a football and used to play for the biggest clubs in Europe! He is from my hometown, now lives a retired lifestyle in Vegas with his girlfriend, Kamila, and they love visitors. So we met up and went to Cesars and had world-class crabs! Thomas is one of the funniest, sharpest and most hospitable people I’ve ever come across!


After-dinner drinks with Thomas, Dougass, me, Michael, Heidi and their 2 friends Sherry and Mike!


After enjoying the alaskan crabs, we headed for a Cirque Du Soleil show at the Bellagio. I’ve been wanting to see them ever since I saw them in Denmark many years ago. They were truly amazing!


Good old batman, his friends and a Dane :)


I met my friend Chris Dennison, owner of Dirt Rider Magazine, outside the racetrack. He was the guy who let me ride his bike earlier this year for the 1. round of the EX Championship. All-time great guy and so is his brother Scott! Chris always has a few brandnew bikes around, and this one is a GasGas 300 with the Christini Kit. When asked if it was a 2012 or 2013, he shrugged and said… “ish…” :)


Just watching the riders trying to get through the ridiculous rock-garden hurt my back. Watching the race was definitely the right choice for me! Speaking of that old back of mine, it does feel better day by day. Soon I will hopefully not fear sneezing anymore!


Walking the pits, I found this badboy KLX fully equipped ready to go! Aside from that, I met up with a bunch of riders that I met before. Like I said before, meeting these people are like meeting friends that only exists at the races. Its such an amazing feeling and I have a hard time getting enough of it. And why should I? :)


I told Thomas the day before the race, that he was in for a treat and a very special experience. At first I don’t think he believed me, but let me tell you… He was on his feet, yelling, screaming, laughing and shouting throughout the whole event. Especially in the finals, which held amazing racing and thanks to Wallace Palmer aka Wildchild aka Wild Willie, we laughed our lungs out one last time when a massive tractor tire jump show-off went wrong and he cart-wheeled off the landing shooting straight across the track :) What a legend!!!


For the riders who didn’t make it to the main event, they got to do a very cool Baja-Lights sponsored night-race. Very cool and totally out of control. Too much fun to watch!!!


At the afterparty at the Alligator bar we had a good time with Bryan Roper, who unfortunately lost the Amateur Championship due to bike seizure. He is a very talented 19-year-old rider from Arizona and I know that Michael may step in and help him for twenty thirteen!


WildChild and me going through his last lap crash!


Cody Webb got THIS close again to take 1st place, but was once again resigned to 2nd place by the dominant pole. Taddy is a monster on a bike and won like 95 % of all the Endurocross races he ever entered! Cody bet his girlfriend that he would win at least one EX main event this year, but unfortunately failed to do so. So today he shaved his head for loosing the bet :) If my back allows me to ride, I will be going down to Cody in Santa Cruz on December 6., sightsee and ride. Should be fun :)


Random Quebec couple we met in the Alligator bar. Not possible to explain just how much fun this girl was!!! I told her the french I knew and she followed through with teaching me the most important dirty french word, any guy should know… :)


Douglas and I strolling around on the last day in Vegas enjoying the last bit of Vegas craziness.
I give me biggest thanks to Team McPfluger for taking so good care of me and Douglas and for having us experience Vegas on 1st class! We must be the luckiest team members ever :)


November 19. and 3 days of Vegas got the better of me (and apparently also the chinese women!). Im back in Oakland again and went to the clinic today. Andrea (chiropractor) told me that my back felt much better and I agree. So its back to rehab and hopefully…. I’ll be riding again very soon!
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