For nearly 10 years, coaching has played a big part of my life. I grew up in a mountain-poor part of the world, yet, I’m the one showing and teaching people how to ride… How does that work?

I started riding motocross when I was only 9 years old and not till I turned 25 did I start riding Trials, and trials undoubtedly changed my way of riding as well as training.

Living in Denmark was never ideal in terms of training areas but I made the most out of it and learned how to train smart & hard on very little space and learning how to ride safely and with confidence is like learning a new language. You need to dedicate time and effort to the grammar and with the right fundamental understanding of the grammar, the words (or speed) will come naturally.

I’ve been lucky enough to have coached all over the world and a few times I’ve put in the effort to have videos and photos made, so check the links out below if you want to see more. I unfortunately don’t have photos nor videos from all the places I’ve been to, but here’s some: