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Racing So-Cal

Jack, Rhianna and I went to Pala Raceway today and met amongst other famous people like Jacko Strong, Ronnie Faisst, Matt Rebaud, Josh Hansen etc Rasmus Kjeldsen (picture) and Lasse Andersen.

Fun tracks and I ended up getting a rear tire flat. Will not have mousses for the next couple of weeks, so its tubes from now on till the Nitro Enduro Challenge on the 23.



After our training at Pala with Geoff Aaron, we went to his place and checked out his place. Amazing how this 40 year old still rips and has everythings set up. RESPECT.



This is Murphy and Beckett Aaron, Geoff and Karies kids. Being sons of a 10 time national trials champ and a world class endurocross rider, and already ripping around the yard on electric bikes, they will probably be the next big things.



Today, we went to Glen Helen and did some moto and Endurocross. McGrath was out testing Hondas with a bunch of Japanese, pretty unreal to watch him ride around!!! I chased after him at once, but unfortunately he pulled off to do starts. Off course I wouldnt be able to keep up with him for 5 seconds, but it was just so unreal :) At the endurocross track we thought it was just going to be me and Jack, but then Colton Haaker, Kyle Redmond and Geoff Aaron was there making us look like retards – and these guys are all precious Endurocross winners. I had a lot of issues with my front tire, the mousse had gone really bad, so it felt like riding with a flat tire and made me very uncomfortable. My clutch was just being weird and I re-adjusted it twice. It never got to a point where i could work properly with it, so I took it out when I got back home and re-installed the manual clutch as well as a front tire tube. I need to figure out whats best for me – so far the Rekluse is still an awesome product, but i dont think I have figured out how to install it 100 % correctly.
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