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Cody and Sode

Racing means making friends and after the annual christmas party at Heidi and Michaels house, I took off to visit some new friends of mine.


I bartended and made sure people got drunk :)


Friday morning I drove down to Santa Cruz and met with Cody Webb and Justin Sode, Factory Beta riders. Justin is from Ohio and lives with the Beta importer close to the Webb family. Youtube Cody Webb if you don’t know who he is. He is kind of a big deal… :)



On friday we went to a privat motocross sandtrack and had a lot of fun! After that we went back to Codys backyard and did turntracks, trails and fun like this (the picture is Cody).



After Codys dads birthday dinner on sunday we made a fire and drank a beer.



Monday morning we got up early and ran some stairs at the pacific coast close to Santa Cruz, before Cody and Justin did their thing and I went to Oakland and trained with Trainer-Ted.



Me, Justin Sode and Cody. Quick Information: Justin is the current runner up in the national enduro and GNCC Open-A class, 18 years-old and from Ohio. Makes a living from his results at the races and works a little at his parents bike shop in Ohio. Cody is a very accomplished Trials Rider, has won the National Trials Championship and is pretty much only beat be Patrick Smage, who is pretty amazing. Cody got 2nd this year in the Endurocross Series, only beat by Taddy, so he is considered Americas best Extreme Enduro and Endurocross rider.



After our stair run, we went on the beach and found squids! Cody and Justin are a ton of fun hanging out with and I hope I can spend a lot of december with them. Plus I learn a lot from riding with both of them. Exactly what I’ve needed for a lot of years.



After rehab yesterday, I headed back to the cabin, washed my bike and got it ready for a sunny ride today with Mike. Unfortunately PCP Motorsports owner Donnie, wasn’t able to come out and ride with us. He was maybe interested in helping out with some gear, so it would have been great to ride with him.
Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I was here, where the picture is taken, at a small supercross track in the forest and i ran my Goldentyre Mousse too hot. Had to take it out and put a tube in, so I left the Mousse. Today I got it back :)
The Supercross track was a lot of fun, I did a couple of 10 minute motos and then back to Mikes place for some Chicken Taquitos and playful dogs. Once that was over and enjoyed, I headed back to the cabin and did a lot of turn track practice on the property and I think I succeeded in pissing off the grumpy neighbours :) My back feels a little better from time to time, but I still struggle with car driving. Sitting is basically the worst that I can do. I seem to get away painfree with almost anything I do on the bike, so thats great news. Every time I leave Trainer-Ted, I feel better, so I conclude that the increased blood flow makes me feel better = work out every day, which I do and enjoy. And no. I dont think I gained weight, which alot of you probably think – just because I’m in America. Only thing thats growed on my is my red facial hair. I wanted to do Movember (moustache thing, male cancer etc) and it kind of took off… Living the viking dream, I guess :)
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