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Danish Enduro Championship, RD.1

Well that was fun! Hadn’t raced for roughly a year and I knew that although I’ve spend a lot of time the last 3 weeks in a gym, I wouldn’t show up strong or in good raceshape. However, that wasn’t my goal and therefore I really enjoyed the ride and didn’t worry about the result.

Photo credit: Sanni P.

What I needed to achieve from this race was a benchmark on my current physical and technical level and both were, to be honest, not too bad. I am 100% convinced that I could have been closer to the two young punks who beat me, had I been better conditioned and in raceshape, but then I would also have taken more chances and put things at risk. So ultimately, it was good that I didn’t battle with them as I try to focus on 2021 and slowly build towards being fit and strong for big and brutal international races.

Happy to even ride, even a Husky 350 😜

I finished 3rd in this race and had a great time with my friends, met new people and enjoyed the ever-so changing weather. Before my race started I filmed as much as I could in order to make a little documentary style video.

Check it out and see you at the next race!

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