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Dominican Republic By Bike

My first visit to the Dominican Republic was in 2017 and I went with the purpose of helping Machete Hard Enduro out with their event as well as apply for a work visa on the Brazilian embassy. Back then, I was heavily involved in the organisation of the “Brazilian Romaniacs” aka. Minas Riders. The race – as history knows – did not survive it’s infancy and was put to rest after 2 attempts.

However, visiting the Dominican Republic in 2017 was a great experience and I realised how beautiful this place is. Scouting for tracks brought me into the lives of many locals and those are the experiences I valued and cherished the most. It’s those experiences I’m looking forward to getting more of and on my next visit to the DR in 2019 I had loads of those. I was travelling with my girlfriend at the time and while I filmed and photographed more than you’d imagine, I suffered from something that sometimes happen = overload. I simply never came around to edit the tons and tons of raw videos. The quantity was overwhelming and I only ever did the photos – and most of those are not with me as I write this. 

So for my upcoming trip to the DR I’ve organised this a bit differently. My job is budgetted for 2 weeks of work and instead of smashing those 2 weeks of work just before the event (December 1 – 3) I suggested a different setup that would eventually be beneficial to all of us. The setup is that I carry out the first week of work upon arrival, take 3ish weeks off for travel, coaching, photographing and exploring the island and then come back to carry out the 2nd week of work. This gives me – as well as the organiser –  a proper chance of changing/adding things & ideas for the event in time to be implemented successfully and it also gives me the chance to play with my cameras and enjoy the island

I’ll be vlogging, droning, fuji’ing around the island throughout my entire stay and you’re hereby invited to follow along, especially on my YouTube channel where I will do my outmust to not only film but also EDIT & UPLOAD weekly.

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