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HALLO!!! Peace To The Moon

A special day and night in a special place.

On December 24. I, Grant, Douglas and his friend Tommy (these 2 go by the names Chech & Chong) went for a little Christmas Ride in the backyard.
Me, Grant and Douglas. Chech was still catching his breath when we took the picture… :)
First time I get to do this kind of riding on December 24. By far the best day activity. Grant and I talked about how we would ride back to the McPfluger Cabin and Heidi had prepared a prime rib menu and as Grant put it… “I don’t know how you did this Peter, but you landed your ass right in the butter!!!” True that :) I do feel very lucky to have met my friends and sponsors here in the states.
This is by far the most amazing moon I’ve ever seen. When we realized there was a full moon on Christmas Eve and it created this halo, I ran for my camera but unfortunately ALL cameras were out of batteries. Seriously?! So this picture was taken from Mosquito Road (very near by the cabin where we were) by somebody else (i found it here
If this wasn’t cool enough, within another 5-10 minutes, we saw a jetstream move in to the circle and it formed the Scandinavian letter “Ø” – to perfection. Now we thought we had seen magic enough, but soon hereafter, another 2 jetstreams move across the night sky and formed a PERFECT upside down Peace Sign = a ring with a “Y” in it. And the icing on the cake was that the center of the “Y” was right in the middle of the moon. Spectacular moment I will always share with the McPflugers.
Just a few minutes short of 10 pm on Christmas Eve we had shared a lot of funny and good presents, the very tasteful prime rib, dangerous delicious dessert, great red wine and the Moon Halo… and I fell asleep on the couch while watching the last episode of Dexter – my present favourite TV Show. Batteries were out, too many impressions, spend energy, food and laughs :) This picture is from todays riding. I went by myself and got really lost, found this upside down Mustang in the middle of nowhere, ran into a bunch off dead ends and a ton of wild animal foot prints. Love it!
By far the most beautiful dead end I’ve seen so far. Spectacular view over a lake. I think I parked the bike up against some old mining building. A lot of heavy iron wires lay around on the ground. Btw, not first time I see traces of the mining age. I once came across a cave, with rails going into the dark darkness.
Just as I was about to take out my sandwich and saddle up for some more getting-lost-riding, it started raining – and snowing in some higher altitude areas. Its been a while since my fingers were that icy. But it was worth it. Fantastic view and I must show everybody this view, if we get to ride together in this area.
I think this is an old mining station. Lots of heavy iron wires everywhere. The trail to get there was tight with manzanitas, rocks and logs. Not too technical. But there was some parts of the trail where you shouldnt make a wrong move. Some other parts of the trail had fallen rocks from the mountainside, so I guess anybody who wasnt on the trail at that exact falling-rocks-time should consider themselves lucky.
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