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King Of Motos

Soooo…. I’m back in Gods own country. Ohh yes I am and yes it is. People really believe in HIM here :)


Flight went pretty good. Sitting as much as I did, I realised that my lower back suffered some sort of set-back during the Extreme Race in Denmark. Unfortunately, I had no time to visit my doctor/chiropractor before leaving, so I crossed my fingers that it would go away. Unfortunately, it hasnt. I feel it instantly when I sit in the truck, so I’m trying to get an appointment tomorrow morning with the chiropractor I used before in Oakland.


Anyhow, the sun is shining and its really nice to be back!!! If you want to follow the race on sunday, heres a link to some live stream coverage:

Lots of top riders are signed up, including Graham Jarvis. Its a 80 mile race, few people finish, and those who do uses between 5-8 hours (8 is the limit).


You know you’re in America when this guy passes you :)


The british band Muse gave a concert in Sacramento on the day after I arrived, and I went with some friends. Amazing performances and scene show!!!



Very close to the bread we eat back in old cold Denmark :)



Apparently, my bike is still being rebuild! When Douglas, family friend and Team Mechanic, gets going, hes hard to stop. New everything – almost… :) Would probably have been cheaper, and alot easier, to buy a brand new bike :) I hope it will be put together today, as I am planning on leaving for the race tomorrow morning… TIGHT!!! I just spoke with my Australian friend Jack Field, who is also racing the King Of Motos, and he got a brand new 350 SX 2013 KTM for 6000 dollars. Somehow he managed not to pay the taxes… Clever guy :) Speaking of Jack, I’ll probably be hanging out with him after the race, and possible do a road trip down to Mexico and do some riding down there. Should be fun :)



Finally got the Goldentyre logos ironed onto the shirts. More logos are coming up :)


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