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Terra Inferno 2022

This time, I’ve actually got something exciting to share. I’ll soon be headed back to the colourful country called the Dominican Republic and I’m being brought in to help with the crazy race called Terra Inferno. I’m flying over much earlier than I actually should, but in doing so, I’ll have a chance to get a good look at everything 6 weeks before the date of the event. This should be really useful. In between my arrival and date of the event, I’ll be having some free time, which I’ll spend on a bit of coaching and a lot of travelling. My good friend Rene Columna (Sherco and CF Moto importer) is hooking me up with an 800 dual sport bike and I can’t wait to do some exploring.  

Terra Inferno will take place in Cap Cana from December 1 – 3 and it’ll surely be a crazy one. Supposedly Travis Pastrana will be involved and if that’s the case, then anything can happen!

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