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Training Schools Iceland

So… Iceland went far beyond our expectations. I was not only fortunate enough to present and implement my training plan over the course of three weekends, we also got to see parts of Iceland we hadn’t seen on our visit 3 years ago (before we knew each other), make a bunch of new friends, live in a van and out in the wild ( if you ever need a practical van for Iceland) and if everything goes well, we’ll be back around by late October for a new super cool dual sport clothing project, hopefully it works out with the last details 🤞

I’ll eventually come around to put an edit together from the trip, we filmed a lot and there’s plenty of beautiful videos to share. It’s a fairly big job for a beginner like me to edit a video, so I’ll have to postpone it for a little bit and meanwhile show some of our best pictures from the trip. Click on the gallery and small texts will be visible to each photo… :-)

If you want to check out some of my previous videos, head over to my Youtube Channel and shuffle around :-)

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