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Working In Heaven

So far… So very good. Im having a great time in Romania working with the Track Management of The RedBull Romaniacs 10th edition Hard Enduro Rallye. From July 2.-6. the race is on, and we have a lot to prepare. Its at many times very hard for me to understand the things Klaus and Martin talk about, when they throw names of tracks, cities, “points of interest”, alternates etc etc around in a chain of mountain ridges and valleys, small cities, roads and much more. The fact that everything is hard to pronounce makes it harder, so i’m definitely struggling at times. However, I have been spending quite a lot of time on the computer working with the tracks and little by little I get more understanding of it all. Martin has been coming here since the late 90’s so no wonder he can navigate like this was home to him. Klaus has been here on/off (mostly on) for the last 3 years, so he has a very good knowledge of the area by now.


In general its a great experience for me. I definitely enjoy pretty much all aspects of the job. Its a unique combination of what I enjoy the most. I always loved mountains, being outdoors, riding my bike (surprise surprise), dealing with many different things and people. The GPS work is very interesting and something i’d really like to get better at. So all in all… Im happy here!!! :-)

Colourful houses along the road.




The tracks were found last year. Now we test run the tracks, to make sure the winter hasn’t left too much of this stuff… Fallen trees etc.



This one even has a numberplate – ill get a picture of one soon… :-)



The “Man-Cave” is now built and ready to be used! Great to have more space for working on the bikes, drinking beer and staying up late :-)



Talking to farmers about permission to ride through their land/gardens during the race. 99 % are super happy to have enduro-visitors!




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