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November 2019

Recently, I got to spend a month in Colombia. A country I’ve visited numerous times since one of my best friends from highschool in Denmark, Patrick, moved here in order to live with his pregnant Caleñan girlfriend, Yessica. Their love story is a chapter all by itself and if you want to see who Patrick is, I highly recommend visiting his colourful and insightful blog called Cali Adventurer.

Patrick & Yessy recently decided to get married after being together for 6 years and having brought two beautiful girls to this world together, and I off course couldn’t miss their beach wedding on the tropical north coast of Colombia.

That’s how I ended up going back to Colombia for my 5th time and since the wedding didn’t take a month, I spend my weekends doing riding schools for locals and occasionally strolled around with my camera, freezing whatever I thought was worth remembering.

Check the links out below to see the photos.

I’ve known Patrick since I moved school when I was 12 or 13 years old and aside from being one of my best friends, he’s an excellent entrepreneur, he’s a fantastic father to his 2 kids and I’m sure he’s going to make one hell of an husband!
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