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Isla Grande (Colombia)

November 20th 2019

These photos are from a very special place called “Isla Grande” (means big island) close to the city of Cartagena in Colombia. I went out there for what I thought was just going to be a half day trip but the vibe sucked me in and I intentionally missed my return ticket on the boat. I didn’t bring anything except my camera and a bit of cash and these were the photos I managed to get before heading back to Cartagena the following day. I intentionally edited some of them black & white as well as in colours to see what I liked the most, I guess it’s 50/50 😃

I really enjoyed my time on this little Island, where time seemed to stand still and nobody had cars or motorcycles. People were incredibly welcoming, warm, chatty and invited me in to take the photos. Even the young mum washing her 3 small kids let me come as close as I wanted and that was truly a nice experience. Overall it was a stark contrast to the busy and very touristy city of Cartagena, check out those photos here. Time and time again, I’m seeing how easy-going people living in the nature is compared to the ones in the city. Surely it must have to do with the fact that those living in the mountains are more self-sufficient, don’t need to make a lot of money and they have shelter. Surely they are economically equally poor but it just seems like a much better deal to seek the simple basic nature life vs the busy, dirty and dangerous city life.

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