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Youtube Promotion

On february 28th 2010 I allegedly created a Youtube channel and I did so in order to promote myself and share my story as a young and hopeful motorcycle rider. Here’s the first video I ever uploaded:

The quality of my videos were sub-par and after a few years of sloppy uploads, I stopped. Nobody seemed to care and it took until the C-19 pandemic to get me fired up again. In the meantime, I had made hundreds of videos and actually also videos for some businesses owners.

A lot of people take filming at the big Hard Enduro Races serious nowadays, and the biggest Youtubers generally film with nice DSLR or Full-Frame cameras. These guys generally move about at the races in cars and once they get to their spot, they stand still and film. I do it different. I ride out to the section, drop the bike and run up and down the sections (along with the riders) with a Gopro on a stick. Also occasionally, I fly my drone. This concept – combined with fast rendering and upload speed – has proven to be a winning formula.

When searching for Xross Day2, this is what appeared on Youtube on October 15th 2022. 4 months since the upload, and the gopro run-cam is still outperforming Redbull.

If you’re an event organiser and you’d like me to film your race and show your fans exactly what they want to see then feel free to reach out on any of my social media channels or fill out the form below.

Disclaimer: This is by no means an attack on Redbull. I’m a huge fan of the guys at Redbull MH, they are amazing videographers and they are, unlike me, true videoartists. Many of them are friends of mine for more than 10 years and Redbull has done wonders for our sport. 

This video was filmed by Mike & James and edited by me..The three of us have enjoyed making these videos this year and editing and uploading them faster than anybody else gave great views. 

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