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Offroad Coaching

Since winning my first Enduro championship in Denmark in 2007, I’ve felt inspired to help other riders break bad habits and pass on my best tips and tricks. Many riders simply lack some basic understanding of how to train and how to make every outing on the bike count. I’ve over the years probably coached more than 500 riders of all levels, developed my own methods as well as learned how to quickly identify what people do right and wrong. Being a good coach is to me a combination of having a solid skillset, being a good observer, listener and advisor.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching in the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Dominican Republic, USA, Venezuela.

Below I’ve listed my 3 course-formats and they apply equally to Enduro riders as well as Dual Sport riders.

If you’re into fully personalised coaching then this is for you. I recommend 2 riders as observing another rider of similar level can be very beneficial.

This is the most popular model. Groups of 10-20 people enter and in doing so, bring the participation fee down and the fun-factor is usually through the roof!

This is the realest deal I can offer. Everybody knows that having a consistent expert help you reach your goals is the most efficient route to take.

If you’re interested in finding a date and/or place for one of the above mentioned coaching options, don’t hesitate to contact me on the form below or via one of my social media channels.

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