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Los Mochos

December 2nd 2019

After having given enduro classes to the riders of Barranquilla in Colombia, I decided to postpone my flight to Cali, where my friend Patrick (newly married!) lives. Years ago, on one of my first visits to Cali in Colombia, I met a guy called Camilo Merizalde and he told me about how he always went to Santa Marta for Christmas and sometimes brought his bike to ride there. Apart from riding enduro, he’s also an ultra marathon runner and the 5700 meter high mountains are incredible for training and racing.

Fast forward, 5-6 years later I find myself in an amazing company of local Enduro riders and I’m invited out for a ride on a brand new Husqvarna 300 2020. There’s no way I’m taking an early flight to Cali sunday morning, so I postpone it and stay long enough time to accept their very kind invitation in taking me into these dreamy hills.

Morning morning comes around, it’s 5am and the rest of the story has been visualised for your comfort, lean back and enjoy 📺🍿😎

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