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Anaheim Supercross

Before heading to Anaheim, we stopped by at the Throttle Entertainment head office. Grant had to do a little work on an upcoming Extreme Enduro 30 second clip for RedBull.

Douglas and I were gifted with DVDs from the last many years of Extreme Enduro.



Rewind time and stop in june 2010. I was invited to France to do the worlds first Freestyle Trials competition, created by a young frenchie..: Valentine Guyonett. He invited 10 different riders, based on youtube videos basically, and Jack was one of them. Jack took home the Golden Chainsaw and I havent seen him since. I knew he was in Cali working on branching out, but I didnt know he would be at Anaheim Supercross. What are the chances that amongst 45000 people, I bump into Jack in the snack bar :)
Jack and his girlfriend Rhianna works together on doing shows and promotions in Australia and are very successful in doing so. Shows every weekend and approx. 10 riders under their wings. They are called Flair Riders and dont be surprised if they make big things happen in the states. After the race, we met at the Supercross After Party.



All of a sudden, I get Michael (my sponsor) on the phone and he tells me that we were on live TV on the Speed Channel. Again… What are the chances!!!
From left to right: Me, Grant, Sam and Douglas!



I watched the Supercross Final in Vegas in May 2012, but it wasnt half the excitement of this race. Everybody was back in the game, and the racing was intense. Our seats were right at this corner, where Davi Millsaps took his lead back and claimed the win over Trey Canard. Had Canard won, it would have been historical. What this guy has gone through and fought back from is ridiculous… Check out his video , its an amazing, sad and powerful story.





We parted ways today and while Douglas and I headed north, Grant stayed with his amazing Hollywood view. My trip has basically come to an end now, and I’ve experienced so much, met so many people and filled a lot of memories into the memory bank. Its been 3 very interesting months :) Next step for me is going back to Denmark, getting my back properly fixed and thereby hopefully be able to train again. I do honestly not remember when I last time broke a serious sweat. I miss being able to take my running shoes on and chase my shadow up and down hills. But with lower back problems – thats just not happening. So the most important thing is getting my back fixed and hopefully have a good run at the Danish Extreme Enduro Championship on the 27. of january and come back to the states on the day after and get ready for the King Of The Motos Extreme Enduro race near L.A.
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