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Au revoir Riverside

Beautiful sunny California!


People who know me, know that im a sucker for dried fruit. Especially dates, which is the palm tree right next to the truck. I must have landed in heaven :)



The aussies prepping their bikes before taking off. They left tuesday evening and I already long for riding days like those Jack and I had!



Tuesday afternoon I went to this Endurocross track 45 min north of our Riverside base. Very hard rock section!!! So depressing how many times I didnt manage to get through the rocks smoothly, so the track owner Johnny Ringo (, came out and did some training with me. We landscaped the rock section a bit and I progressed. To my surprise, I watched some of the videos on his webpage, and saw Maria Forsberg and Mike Brown have the same issues as me. Made me a little less frustrated :)



Make sure to check this guy out if you need endurocross coaching!!!!!!




Rekluse specialist Austin came out to met me at the RingoX Endurocross Track and I got a complete new EXP base and had it working really good at 1 full turn plus 5 ticks. What a service!!! Rekluse is awesome :)



A nice little trialsy section. For your information, I do this wall without touching the clutch. 1. gear and two braaaaps and thats it.



The track dog – a bernese mountain dog. Too cute :)
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