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From Mexico to Denmark

It’s been a while since I last caught up with this blog and I guess I have tons to say, but I’ll try to keep it short!

First of all, Mexico was fantastic! If you didn’t know that Vanessa and I were recently in Mexico, here’s a little recap.

While spending days and nights (literally) looking for the right vehicle for our travel plans in Mexico and north, we saw an add on Panamerican Travels Associations Facebook Page for a V10 6.8L shuttle bus from 1997. It was for sale at a decent price point but not really the one we wanted. It was big, very thirsty and kinda old. Plus the odometer didn’t work, it had been someones food truck and it had loads of patina. But in lack of better ideas and better places to pick up our vehicle (it was for sale in Cancun), we send the young german couple an offer we thought they couldn’t resist. And they couldn’t. Quick Paypal transaction later, and a 50% downpayment was done. The rest to be paid in Cancun.

Vanessa is a surfer and I’m an offroad rider, and not really wanting to tow a trailer or use a bikerack for the hook, we decided to go for the big shuttle bus. Rebuilding it took us roughly a month and we were SO LUCKY to quickly make loads of Enduro friends who all wanted to help in one way or the other with the build. Especially my friend Jeronimo, who opened so many doors and Miguel and his family for letting us work in the back of their garden, occupy their space and use all his tools. This guy had everything we’d ever need and more. Here’s some photos of the build.

At one point we decided the bus was good enough and didn’t want to keep doing details and pointless finish. We were going to keep it simple, so no solar panels, kitchen or luxury. Just super basic. Our first stop was Chetumal, a border city of Belize, where we needed to get the TIP (Temporary Import Permit) for the bus. 58$ and the bus was good for 10 years. Little did we know, we were only going to hold on to it for 4 months! Here’s some photos of this first leg of the journey, all taken with my beloved Fuji XT3, 16-55 or 50-140, both f2.8, and the photos are the gorgeous and very fancy hippie place called Tulum (where we got to spend our first night away from Miguels garden), passed by a bunch of incredible temple(ruins) and finally made it to the Mexican Golf.

I was hired to build an EnduroCross track for a local rider and here’s the final track:

Shortly after this, we realised that the Corona scare was starting to look real, so we accepted the invitation to go stay with some friends in Puerto Escondido and on the way from coast to coast, we places.

After spending 6 months in Mexico I’m finally back in the not-so-cold Northern Europe. I’m actually convinced that we brought some sun from Mexico but as with everything else; nothing lasts forever. And in Denmark, if there’s one thing you can’t count on, then it’s the weather.

This past Saturday was the 1st round of the Danish Enduro Championship. Due to lack of motorcycles on the Beta factory in Italy, I hadn’t been able to get a bike after homecoming, so at the last minute, a friend of mine lend me his second bike, a Husky 350 2016!

Since coming back from Mexico I’ve been motivated to get back in top shape, so I met up with an old girlfriend of mine, who runs a very cool gym. She’s now my official trainer and I’m happy to report that I’m now moving into phase 2! Meaning I survived the first 2 weeks of warm-up weight training and today, we’ll adjust the program and discuss how I felt during and after the race, this past saturday.

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