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Day 7 of Travelling the DR

Very few pictures were taken today but tons of video! The day started in Cabarete where I once helped some guys make a Hard Enduro race called Machete and finished in beautiful and super quiet oceanside village called La Isabela.

180145_10150376664300048_7196036_n Born in 1985 in Denmark and started riding in 1995 on motocross tracks, but had my first try when I was 5 (picture). Had plenty of up’s and down’s during the 12 years I did motocross and chose to leave the sport due to the numerous injuries and ever increasing debt to the bank (= my father). IMG_0036 Along with finishing high-school in 2005 I decided to work off my debt and save up enough to go backpacking in Asia. Did this for 3 months and my eyes opened for riding outside closed circuits and everything changed. DSC01107 Coming back from this massive experience of freedom on wheels, I got straight into Enduro riding and won the Danish Enduro Championship in 2007, 2009 and the “Extreme” Championship as well in 2011. img_6714 In 2009 I got into trials and this was also a totally new boost for me. I won the B-class championship that year as well as learned the backflip, which gave me the confidence to start doing shows. IMG_0045 Motivated to move out on a bigger scene, I started travelling (mainly with Klaus Sørensen, Red Bull Romaniacs Track Director) to European Hard Enduro races like Erzberg, Hell’s Gate, Tough One, Spanish Races, Romanian freeriding and I even made it to the Scottish Six Days Trial as well. IMG_6038 Now, my main focus is getting as much event experience as possible, seeing the world, still attending some races and in general try to stay safe and happy! I have been very lucky with my career being able to travel as much as I have and not working “normal” jobs for so many years. More importantly, I’ve met many of my childhood idols, I’ve been a childhood idol for some, I’ve performed in front of thousands of people, I’ve raced against the best in the world, I’ve made friends across the globe and I have come back from very bad injuries and never lost my passion for motorcycles and travelling. Life is like a book, full of chapters, and I know that this chapter will not continue forever, so I’m trying to enjoy it to the fullest and maximize my luck while minimizing time waste :)
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