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Explorer Tours

Hi and welcome to this blog post about Enduro Explorer Tours on the Dominican Republic in week 43 and Colombia in week 46.

First off, I would expect this question: “Why ride with you, and not a local?” and to that question, this is my answer: Even if there were succesfull and organised tour operators on those locations, I believe I can offer something different, something few people can and something I’d like to explain in a bit more detail.

For years I’ve been comfortable travelling and riding motorcycles in remote areas of latinamerica, finding bronze, silver and pro tracks and planning races for a number of different hard enduro organisations. I’m comfortable getting lost, spending long days with mother nature and I’m comfortable with my navigational skills, my people skills and my moto skills. I’ve spent days, weeks and months in mountains with little to no signal, no common-sense trail-system, wilderness and languages I didn’t speak. Over time, I always managed to find what I was looking for and I even learned to speak Spanish and Portuguese along the way. Add English, Danish and some German and I should be able to communicate with most people.

My friend Willy. He was very helpful and friendly when I met him on the Dominican Republic in 2017, looking for suitable tracks for the Machete Hard Enduro..

For years I’ve happily shared stories from my trips as a hard enduro track scout and coach, but the actual experience has been exclusive to either me, my partners, the local riding community or the riders who have participated in the events I’ve been part of organising.

Until now.

It’s time I put in the effort to let other people get some of that sweet Enduro medicine I’ve been taking for years!

Colonial village in Colombia.

I want to seize my up-coming trip to the Dominican Republic as an opportunity to offer a very special 2-man / 1-week / 4 riding days Explorer Tour. Here’s 3 important ingrediens in the rough idea of the tour:

  1. I want to share the sensation of being in a place for the first time with more than just my social media followers.
  2. I want to do it with 2 people at a time.
  3. I want to attract adventure thirsty riders. (being an adventurist isn’t exclusive to any level of riding, everyone is welcome on this trip, as long as the level, interest and expectations of the 2 riders is fairly similar)

Again, why do this trip with me, and not a local tour company? Here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. I’ve been trusted over the years as a track scout in Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic and Romania. I find awesome tracks for a living!
  2. I can ride Pro tracks, so most likely, I will have an edge of most riders who come to ride with me.
  3. I speak fluent English, Spanish and Danish as well as beginner Portuguese and German.
  4. I’ve learned how to deal with local communities and I’m equally comfortable talking to indigenous tribes as well as heavy armed soldiers, and I’ve literally done both.
  5. I’m only offering this opportunity once pr. location, I’m not hanging around for things to get boring, I want to explore the world and I want to share this project with 2 at a time, so if you don’t jump on this opportunity, I can’t guarantee if there’s ever going to be another one.
My first ride in Colombia was in Cali, and I have so many good memories from this part of latinamerica.

If you’re interested and if you made it this far, you’d probably want to know what kind of bikes we’d be riding, where we’d be sleeping, what price point we’re looking at and general logistic details. I’m talking to different bike dealers in each location and I have private as well as commercial contacts in both places. I can’t guarantee x-number of stars in the hotel and I don’t know exactly what time the breakfast is available. Those are minor details. But I will guarantee you’ll be tired at night but eager for more adventure next day!

Ohh and the price will be approximately 2.000 US$ / 13.000 DKR / 1.750 EURO for the following:

  • Airport pick up & drop off
  • 250cc – 300cc current year bikes with mousse and new tires upon arrival.
  • Gas and oil.
  • Ride 2 days, rest 1 day, ride 2 days = 4 days of riding.
  • 2 man group + me: 3 total.
  • Nice hotel.
  • And off course, free coaching and training during the trip.

Not included in the package is:

  • Flight.
  • Deposit for broken parts.
  • Food & drinks.
  • Insurance.

If you’re interested in the above-mentioned tour, do not hesitate in contacting me. The details are being squared out as we speak and once it’s all 100% confirmed, I’ll send an email to those who showed interest. First come first serve.

This video is one I made from my visit to the eastern part of the island earlier this year. Amazing area for events and excited to be there soon again, this time as a part of the organisation behind “Terra Inferno”.

Up high,

/// Peter Weiss ///

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