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Hardcore Racing 2013

Team McPfluger has signed me up for this race on february 3. 2013 and I am extremely excited to take part of this very new Extreme Enduro in Southern California. 2013 will be the 2nd running.

Check out more information about the race by clicking here.

On february 22.-23. 2013 theres another Hard Enduro in Nevada, its called Mesquito. We don’t know too much about it yet, but should be a race to attend.

If you have the time off and would like to join me on this trip, I’m sure it can be arranged. We can always use an extra roadie :)



The next race I signed up for what is no stranger to anyone, its called Erzberg and takes place in Austria. I did the race in 2008, 2009 and 2010 but never got better than 58th. I want to give it another go in 2013 (may 30.-june 2.) and as always, travelling buddies are more than welcome. If you want to race, you need to sign up ASAP, this race is way too popular for what its worth…

Link to erzberg.


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