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Iceland 2.0

This is actually happening, I’m going back to Iceland!

Super happy to have such good contacts around the world and I can’t thank my danish-speaking Icelandic friend Gatli for pulling some strings and making this trip a reality. I’m truly blessed having people like him in my corner and I can’t wait to revisit this country, coach and take pictures of the enduro scene, the amazing nature and tell the world about Enduro on Iceland. Also, this time around my girlfriend Vanessa joins me and she’s also visited Iceland on a previous occasion, loves the place and looks forward to doing surf some cold waves!

The group from Reykjavik in 2016.

I’ll be posting pictures from my 2016 trip on my Instagram , hop over there and hit the follow button, if you haven’t already done it :-)

I was taken some to some incredible locations in 2016, can’t wait to be back here!

For more info on the Iceland trip 2019, follow this link!

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