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Iceland – DR – New York – Iceland – Cali

What a crazy couple of months it’s been! First 3 weeks of roadtripping with Vanessa on Iceland, giving classes 3 weekends in a row, then straight to the Dominican Republic to sort out an Extreme Enduro Event called Terra Inferno only to swing straight back to Iceland for a video project with ICON and of course another riding school. I’m back in Denmark now, but only for a bit more than 1 day, then off to Colombia to test the trails in Cali, do riding schools and attend one of my childhood friend’s wedding in Cartagena 🥳🌍💥

I’ll come back to talk more about all the travelling in Iceland, putting on Terra Inferno and shooting videos for ICON, but right now the most important news is the fact that I’m offering a unique enduro experience in Cali and Lago Calima in Colombia. Both places are amazing and holds tons of good trails.

For years I’ve searched and found incredible trails all over Latin America and I often wondered how happy my friends back home would be to join me on my trips. But always being busy and always moving from place to place kept me from trying to organise the whole experience. Until now. So if you’re into trying something completely new and if you want to taste a bit of Latin American enduro, then this is the option you’ve been waiting for!

It’s for 2 people only and it’s a one time offer, so don’t hesitate if you want in. For more info, send me a message on social media or by email to



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