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No Vegas ;-(

Unfortunately, my lower back pain just doesn’t give us any reason to believe doing the Vegas Endurocross Finals on the up-coming weekend, will do me any good in terms of recovering. So we decided to call it off and do the smart thing. I love Michael and Heidi for being so understanding and supporting me throughout this process – they are just as happy with me taking care of my health, as me racing in Vegas. So instead of me and Douglas driving to Vegas we booked flights for us out of Sacramento on thursday night and back on sunday. That will still get us to experience Vegas, have some fun, see the race I should have partaken in and use the hotel rooms, that are already booked. I’m naturally a little depressed, angry, annoyed and a bunch of other negative adjectives for a mind-set, but injuries just happen at stupid times. I still don’t know (and never will) why my lower back is so bad, but I have a feeling that the 3-month lay-off I had throughout the summer, weakened my body to the extent, where small crashes could have big consequences. This is just my simple theory, but I think the crash I had practicing Endurocross at Sapioga did me in. I felt good when I travelled over here, so… On the positive side of things, I am always happy to learn about training and my body, and I have a feeling that I will come out stronger from this experience. Fingers crossed :)

Anyways, Andrea and Ted at the clinic seem to agree on the issue of the matter. They believe that my lower back has a bulging disc and to explain what it is, you can check these picture out.



Learn more about this right here:

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