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Race Pics KOM

Going as fast as you can is a relative term in Hard Enduro events.


I was watching my mate Jack Fields GoPro footage tonight, after a little evening ride in the Riverside Hills, just outside L.A., and realised he had some footage of me. Heres a shoot of me catching up to Jack on the flat desert.



Thats me pushing through one of the early on rock sections. Jack gained somewhat like 10 positions in this long rocky sections. His trials was faster here, but slower on the fast stuff. Its a whole different race when you’re on a Trials, not saying its not hard, because it is. You cant sit very well and the clearance is bad, not to mention the suspension and gas tank size :)



The guy who filmed this and did a print screen of it, sent me this message on Facebook. He was one of the 3 guys who saw me walking up the sand hill and saw me hours later come charging back down the hill:
“After yesterday you became one of my most admired racers. While working a spotter check at the King of Motos I received word that you had lost your back tire. We reported it in and then saw you on the ridge line headed toward Hammer Town. Then several hours later when I was at flipper you startled me when I turned around and saw you walking up that sand hill. My first thought was you had crashed and when I asked you if you were ok and needed some water you said no you were fine and was looking for your bike I thought you had hit you head until you said you needed to fix your tire and continue the race. Both Erek and I were rooting for you when you rode down that hill to continue the race. That was so amazing to see. That was amazing and I was glad to be a part of it and see it firsthand. That is the stuff that legends are made of. I only wish I had thought to turn on the GOPRO and catch it on video for the world to see.” This made me smile :)



The walk of shame!!! I can honestly not wait till 2014 and KOM to come around again. By far and large the best race ive done and like ive said before, the organizers are awesome.


This was my Remote Pit setup. I obviously did not end up using very much fuel and I never cared to even drink any of the strapped on drinks. Had so much to drink and eat while running around fixing my bike and refueling at the riders pit anyways.



Went from 11th at the first CheckPoint to 31. at the end of my first and only lap.



After the race, Jack, Rihanna, Doug and I went for dinner at Applebees! Couldnt keep our eyes open any more, so we went to our motel and the aussie couple crashed on our rooms floor. Doug and I had to leave early to catch Dougs flight home.



After dropping Douglas of at Ontario Airport, i headed to Jacks friend Justins shop “Motopia”. Started working on the Gasser. Welded the footpeg, straightened out the pipe, readjusted the Rekluse and welded the aluminium chain guard, as the threads were blown and we couldnt rebuild it right now, plus we wanted to go riding, so it was a quick fix :)



Crazy funny and technical hills in the backyard!!!




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