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Ready for February 2013

My Southafrican-L.A.-residing-Throttle-Entertainment-videomaking-offroadbuddy Grant Wheeler joined me at the Cabin a couple of days ago.

He’ll stay for X-Mas and we went riding in the forest yesterday. Very very cold. And wet. And snowy.
Booked my next flight yesterday. Weird thing is that the price dropped overnight, which off course was to my advantage. Much needed as Orbitz (dont ever use them) owe me approx. 800 $.
So the nearest future plans is to head back to old cold Denmark on january 8, save some money, do the Extreme race in Denmark on the 27. and then fly back here on the 28., head straight for the cabin, get the bike, drive to Johnson Valley near L.A., do the King of The Motos, head to Bryan Ropers place in Arizona, train with him 2 weeks, before heading to Nitro Enduro Challenge in Nevada and then back to the cabin, unload and fly back. Then my show season kicks off with a show in Denmark on march 8. and in Sweden on march 9.

Check out this race in Nevada, I hope to meet Travis Pastrana and his friends:

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