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Rocking weekend :-)

Surely the time of my life! Being overly spoiled by Team McPfluger :-)

One of the many dips in the ‘cuzzi :)


A short day trip to the world known beauty on earth… Lake Tahoe! Its a large freshwater lake and has a surface elevation of 6225 feet/1897 meters. With a depth of 1645 feet/501 meters, its USA’s second-deepest lake. Very understandable, this lake attracts a lot of people all year long. Especially if you have any kind of watercraft!


I was honestly very cold from the drive to the lake. I was underdressed so catching the last few warm sun rays felt good before heading back to the cabin.


At the ground floor of the medical building, where I 3 times weekly attend chiropractic and rehab treatments, theres a chinese take-out diner. I am a big fan of the chinese cuisine, and i’ve been enjoying great food right here after each visit at the clinic.


I think the old chinese female owner found it funny that I kept coming back to her diner, so we got talking, and she told me thats she’s from Shanghai and she opened this diner 35 years ago. At their opening, a friend gave her this mantra and its been hanging next to the ancient cash register ever since. I love it!


This weekend was all about the very intense, emotional, inspiring and for-me-unheard-of rock band….. Blue October. We kicked the weekend off in Sacramento with checking in at an extremely nice hotel, 700 feet from the concert. I’ve come to learn that thats just the way the McPflugers roll… :) Michael, in particular, has been a huge Blue October fan for years, and I understand why.


The lead vocalist with his characteristic black eye lining, Justin Furstenfeld, sure isn’t afraid of revealing his struggles. What an amazing voice and scene presence. The band hails from Houston, Texas, and is only 11 years old. I was very inspired and am definitely a fan of this energetic band!


This is probably Blue Octobers biggest hit ever “Hate Me”.

Thankfully, we got to experience Blue October again yesterday (saturday) in San Francisco and this time I actually enjoyed the music!!!


Since I had 1 to many alcoholic beverages friday night in Sacramento, we didn’t go riding saturday before the concert in San Francisco. It just felt so good to let my hair down and no parts of my crumbled broken ass body hurt during my race to get hammered friday night. But I stayed somewhat embarrassingly sober throughout the concert saturday and felt good when we left for Carnegie – a state vehicular recreation area. What an amazing place. MX (different tracks), Quad, Trial, 4*4 areas etc. Really a place you can get lost in! :)
After 3 10-lappers on the Gasser, I felt soreness in my lower back and struggled the first 2-3 minutes with walking after getting off the bike. I must have looked like an 85-year old who just popped his pants. So while getting off my riding gear, Douglas asked if I wanted to try his CRF450 for a lap. I was easily tempted and swung my legs over the japanese machinery and after 10 laps straight I came back to the truck with even more soreness but with a huge smile on my face. Can’t believe how suitable 4-strokes are for me and how much more fun they are on a MX track. Being smooth and consistent is soo much easier with 4strokes. I loved it and after helping Douglas out with some cornering techniques, I did another 10+ laps. So much fun and I was totally deja-vuing back to my 450 MX race days in Denmark back in 2004-2006.
Another funny note on this day, is that I did a 10 lap moto with a heart monitor, that Esben bought for me to use at Vegas. My maximum heart rate never got much higher than possibly 187 pr. minute, and throughout the 10 laps, I had an average of 170, and the highest being 178.


Last but not least. Back in Oakland Heidi had cooked an ribeye steak to die for as well as a delicious salad. Walking like an old man again, I made it back to “my” room and surrendered entirely to the big bed. Seems that whenever I sit, it hurts. Trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with my lower back, I can only conclude that since it hurts when I sit (and naturally sitting on a bike, getting kicked around), and since i’m being pulled down all the time (=gravity), it must be something in between my discs thats out of order. Andrea (chiropractor) and Ted (rehab) talks about a lumbar disc herniation, but its so hard to tell the truth in this matter. I will see them both again tomorrow, and let them know how I feel. We have to find the root of this problem before I really get old and pop my pants at the age of 27!
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