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Sprained shoulder

I got back to old but not SO cold Denmark anymore, wednesday evening. My shoulder felt better but still not capable of twisting and turning pain-free in all directions. It seems like whenever I get home from races abroad, the first thing I do on the following morning is to call my amazing 85 year old doctor/chiropractor (FYI: he’s still the national doctor for the national icehockey team) and he scheduled me immediately. Got to know that my shoulder blade was a little out of order and needed a little adjustment and that it was sprained. I told him that there was a national race going on tomorrow (sunday), and he told me not to go. The cure to come back strong is to take two 200 mg Ibuprofen pills 3 times daily until monday morning, where I will see him again. He usually tells me just to be careful when I say I want to do a race with a smaller injury, but apparently, he wanted me to take the shoulder serious. I will, as my right shoulder has been causing me so much trouble the last couple of years, and I dont want my left to be the same. And the national race has no other importance to me, than the fun and good training it would be. The important thing is the 4 X-Games rounds throughout the summer as well as my job with RedBull Romaniacs – thats my main focus this year.

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