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Time flies :-)

Yep, its been a while since I last blogged. Instagram and Facebook simply offer too simple, easy and convenient opportunities, especially if you are an smart phone owner. My motivation to use this old-school blog-site has been low, and I even considered shutting down this webpage. However, Im back with a little update on how things have been lately and I hope you enjoy reading it :-)


During the first half of the year I boarded 30 different flights. Went back and forth to California in the winter, then to Brazil, onto Romania, back and forth to Denmark twice to do shows, to Barcelona and Münich to do the Global X-Games and now finally back again. I managed to miss the 2 last flights on my 30-flight streak, and learned thats its expensive to be stupid and that I must try harder to resist going to Karaokee night the day before a flight :-)


Me and Douglas, the mechanic for Team McPfluger, at the Global X-Games in Münich. Hard to find higher quality guy than this one. I’m sure he will be keen to wrench for McPfluger riders in the future but just in case you need help at any given motorcycle race, call him. Add him on facebook if you need to get in touch with him:



The X-Games is a big media show. It was definitely a privilege to be invited to participate but I didn’t enjoy the actual racing. My invite came a bit late and to build a track in Denmark or stay with riders in California to train didn’t suit my other plans very much. So I never really got to practice or dial in my US bike for Endurocross. It was pretty much a survival mode each and every time, but I still enjoyed going and meeting all the riders and athletes of other sports. Funny how EVERYBODY are nose-deep into their smartphones, non-stop. I realized that the smart kids are the Skateboarders, they make all the money, have minimal expenses and risk of getting seriously hurt.




Instagram is an easy way to quickly share what I’m doing, so follow me!



Going down Appetizer River on day 3 of the RedBull Romaniacs. Small mistake and misjudgment of the depth of the water, and this picture went very viral :-)



Good times with my friend Klaus Sørensen and all the other helpers, preparing for the 10th edition of RedBull Romaniacs!



Barcelona X-Games.



Best part of being part of the Global X-Games were all the travelling, meeting new people and experiencing the local culture.



Sorry you english speaking people, but this is fun to me and probably other danes :-)



Romanian shepherds – different way of life to danish kids :-)



During my work in Romania, I went home twice to do a weekend of shows. This is a very special show with a multiethnic group of kids. So energetic!!!



Lucky me got back to Denmark after Romaniacs, at a very warm summertime. The last 3 summers have been more rainy than sunny, but we are experiencing an very unusual summer and no better place to be than home, when its like this.



Still got some shows to do this summer so alot of practice and chilling in my new hammock :-)



A beautiful old castle hosted my show a few weeks back. Perfect day for me and signing autographs, posters, t-shirts, postcards, arms and foreheads for an hour indicates that the spectators enjoyed it as well :-)
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